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My Winners11, a fastest growing platform with tons of users, is one of the most trusted fantasy sports websites of India. Ashutosh Srivastava and Ritesh Kumar Sharma wanted to involve people in the game by participating them by making their own decision, a perfect combination of players. My Winners11 is a platform that wants you to pursue your dreams by becoming a leader of your team and walking into the battlefield with your own team of superstars, showing off your skills. You can choose your playing 11, create your team and earn points on the basis of the on-field performance of your selected players. Your team points will define your rank, and your rank will decide your winnings. So now, stop waiting and start playing, create your team and start winning by My Winners11 NOW!.

Our Testimonials


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Ankit Gupta

This app can change your life too, as mine, only this app is trusted.


Amandeep Gupta

The best way to predict my future and luck by just make my winners 11 team. Withdrawal is very easy and trusted than others anywhere anytime. Cheers!



In my opinion this is the best site where we can use our cricket knowledge and experience in a right direction. By this we can make much money, only seating at home.